Managing Time as an Adult Learner

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Managing Time as an Adult Learner

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Shannon Voyles

Managing Time as an Adult Learner

Proper management of our time can be described as using skills and techniques to manage time in order to complete a designated task or goal. Time is a valuable thing, it should not be wasted. One needs to be very careful how they use their time. Adult learners have unique difficulties with time management due to other important aspects of their lives, which require much time and attention; some of these aspects may include family, a home, and full time employment. However, with a little organization and better time management skills, the adult learner can find more free time for family and reduce the stress in their personal lives. One important aspect of adult learning is study goals in order to help focus ones time and energy. Use a calendar to keep track of all class work and personal obligations. Often a personal organizer is best, something like a palm or blackberry. Do not forget to schedule in some break time and be sure to take them. Study goals should begin with large, long term goals. Start with a year plan and work down from there. Continue to break down the year into semesters, then months, weeks, down to the days. (Karr, M. & Siebert, A. 2008) Create a daily to do list to be sure one completes everything. Always study in a specific place that works well for the individual learner where one is comfortable and be sure there is good lighting. Remember distant learning can be more difficult, so do not fall behind. Work hard to reduce noise distractions while studying. Some examples may be television, children, and anything else that may cause one’s mind to drift. Often, a studying student will benefit from a low white noise in the back ground to help drowned out other noises. It is recommended for students that are working full time to take no more than two classes at a time. For every hour in...

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