Managing Teams

Topics: Psychology, Mind, 2006 singles Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Managing a team’s relationship takes a lot of dedication and hard work. It is very important to have a good relationship because you can better understand each other and get a lot accomplished as a team. The two most unhelpful behaviors are being disruptive: making inappropriate jokes or remarks and complaining and criticizing. When working on a very important project as team for someone to be making inappropriate jokes or remarks is very rude and disrespectful, because it interferes with work and when working on a work assignment everyone needs to be focused with a clear mind. I also feel that when you are working you should take it serious and question all questions so incase there is something missing or a mistake being made on the project or assignment. I feel that when working there is no need to be complaining or criticizing. When someone is constantly complaining about something not only are they losing focus but they are causing other team members to not be focused and to loose their thoughts or concentration. I feel that no one has the right to criticize another person. However, instead of criticizing another team member’s work that you should try and help them in the area where they are going wrong or messing up. I feel that with these two issues along with a couple more from the list being resolved working as a team can be really interesting, because you can learn more or hear another person’s idea about a task or assignment.
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