Managing Stress through effective Time Management

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Executive Summary
In this report I have researched through journals on stress and time management and have developed and understanding how I can manage my own stress with effective and efficient time management. How it would affect my performance in MBA programme. What are different techniques would help me to improve myself.

Managing Stress
Stress is a physical and emotional reaction that everyone experiences as he or she come across changes in life. These reactions can have positive or negative effects. Stress has positive effects when it makes us deal fruitfully with daily problems and meet challenges. Stress has negative effects when it becomes continuous. Such negative effects can lead to depression and heart disease. Managing stress and time is one of the most important factors in an individual’s life, especially in a student’s life. Any given student is in a particular environment which has several forces affecting his/her day to day activities like studies, work, leisure activities, exams, presentations, family, friends, etc. Based on this, his/her performance is affected dramatically. It can be positive or negative depending on which stressor is affecting him and how well the candidate is coping or managing the stressors. According to (Whetten and Cameron, 2011, p.117) there are four types of stressors namely, 1. Time Stressor.

2. Encounter Stressor.
3. Situational Stressor.
4. Anticipatory Stressor.

There are number of examples through which we can come to know when people are under stress. People may experience headache, tense muscles, shaky hands, fatigue, insomnia, and heartburn. Stressed people may also feel nervous, fearful, confused, worried, irritable, and unable to concentrate. (Klinic Community Health Centre, 2010, p.10) I have faced almost all the types of stress when I used to work. When I was working with Wipro during the year end there used to be lot work overload of insurance claims, due to which we had to extend our shifts....
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