managing stress

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Strategies for managing stress in the workplace
Stress can be defined as a lively circumstance in which people face constraints, opportunities, or loss of something they desire and for which the consequence is both unpredictable as well as crucial. Stress is the response of people to the unreasonable/excessive pressure or demands placed on them. (MSG, 2011) It is important for employees to know the root cause of their stress so they can manage the various causes. There are instances where stress is utilized for positive and the results are good for the organizational. At the end of the fiscal year many employees become focused on the goal due to the stress of finishing a specific task on time. Manager must know the instances where stress is managing the goal and they do not need to add to the positive effect of the stress by adding to it.

Stress experienced by the employees in their job has negative impact on their health, performance and their behavior in the organization. Both the organization and the employee are responsible for managing stress. Organizational strategies for managing stress

It is important for the organizations Human Resources to work with managers and employees to ensure that stress is managed. HR needs to ensure stress management features are added to the coverage of all employees. Many companies have toll free numbers that offer stress management 24 hours a day. These services will reduce the price of health insurance because employees are limiting and managing their stress which is a saving to the health insurance provider. 1.Encouraging more of organizational communication with the employees so that there is no role ambiguity/conflict. Effective communication can also change employee views. Managers can use better signs and symbols which are not misinterpreted by the employees. 2.Encourage employees’ participation in decision-making. This will reduce role stress. 3.Grant the employees greater independence, meaningful...
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