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8 (Ps) Elements of Integerated Service Management3
Promotion and Education5
Productivity and Quality9
Place and Time11
Price and Other Cost of Services12
Physical Evidence13
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)16

The Hotel industry is one of the oldest businesses in the history of mankind. Hotels are known as the most visible and significant aspect of a country’s infrastructure. “The nature of service in the hospitality industry involves hotel management, planning, organizing, controlling of human and material property within the accommodation, restaurant, travel and tourism (Scribd, Hotel Sheraton, 2012)”. This report involves a critical analysis on the role of services in Sheraton Hotels. About Sheraton Hotels:

Sheraton is known as the world’s leading and largest chain of hotels and Leisure Company. It is also recognized as the first hotel which was listed in the New York’s Stock Exchange in the year 1949. The founders of the Company were Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore and the birth of the hotel date back to 1937 when the founders obtained the initial hotel in Massachusetts, USA. By the year 1949 expanded internationally rapidly growing worldwide. In 1998 it was purchased by Starwood Hotels and Resorts and since then Sheraton became the most famous hotel in the world, with chains over 100 countries.

8 (Ps) Elements of Integerated Service Management
The eight (Ps) of service marketing is recognized as the starting point for any strategic marketing plan which makes sure that the customer view the product and their purchasing experience remains in the finest probable way. “When discussing strategies to market manufactured goods, the sellers usually address four (4) basic strategic elements. Jointly these elements are called the 4Ps of service marketing” (Miguel&Herrera, 2012). However services are fundamentally different from products like the time factor and customer involvement requires that other strategic elements be included. Therefore the basic 4Ps of service marketing are customized to slot-in the 8Ps of Service Management. The 8 Ps of Service Management is as follows: 1. Product

2. Place and Time
3. Process
4. Productivity and Quality
5. People
6. Promotion and Education
7. Physical Evidence
8. Price and Other Cost of Services
Further is an elaboration and critical explanation of how the 8Ps of service management are implemented on Sheraton Hotel and how they are applied.

The Process is known as the steps followed and implemented for creating and delivering products and services for customers to use. The process implemented must be effective. Sheraton Hotel has the responsibility of maintain the flow of good efficient service to their customers and decrease the likelihood of service failures. One common and simple process involved in Sheraton for providing a service is called the Room Booking/Reservation. Hotel Reservation for Sheraton can be taken by either online via their Website or by booking a room at the front counter once a customer arrives inside the hotel. By making a reservation at the front-desk in the counter the customer makes me high-contact service with the firm, which means that the customer becomes part of the system and vastly interacting with them. The process of booking a room in Sheraton while at the front-desk involves the following steps: 1. Customer enters the hotel and reaches the front-office desk. 2. The front-desk employees greet the customers and ask how they can assist them. 3. The customer asks for a room available in the hotel.

4. The employee mentions various types of rooms available in the hotel to the customer such as suite, deluxe and single along with their prices. 5. Customer chooses the type of accommodation by price and preference and confirms the booking. 6. The...

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