Managing Resources

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Developing & Managing Resources

The learning resource I have chosen is actually also used as an ice breaker for a lesson and then used to build on students communication, reading and understanding skills. The task is used to put students under a time constraint to complete a task of ready and answering simple and possibly trick questions in a short time frame. This resource is not used in a way to trick students but used to then get them to reflect on their ready and interpretation of a question. For example, the first part of the document tell them what they must do and this also asks them to use the space before the number to write their answers. Many students do not do this and proceed to write their answers at the end of the question. When a student is under stress, they may be able to learn skills in much less than the "usual" time. This is the theory also used in military basic training. It is known as ‘Quick Learning Under Pressure’, it reduces the time it takes to learn a skill through study. This theory has been interpreted under many different ways and Ann Dupuis suggests that under pressure students will gain new skills without taking time to study. Her theory goes onto describe how a Physician caught on a battlefield will under pressure help other people and learn surgery to assist other. I feel this adapts itself to my resource. Many students do not know how to adapt their skills under a timed period such as an exam and placing them under pressure for a short period of 5 minutes will get them later to reflect on their actions. This learning resource however may not be suitable to all students and it is not always used where I am aware of slow reader or maybe people who suffer with dyslexia. The choice to use this is based upon group dynamics and ability. When I thought of designing this resource I took into account how learners who complete this task can reflect on each question and question other peer group member answers. This then is...

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