Managing Quality in Partnership Working with Service Users

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Module Study Guide

G: Managing Quality in Partnership Working

Graduate Diploma in Health and Social Care – Level 5

Module G: Managing Quality in Partnership Working

The learner will:

1 Understand differing perspectives of quality and partnership working in relation to health and social care services

Partnership: empowerment; independence; autonomy; power; informed choice; staff and organisation groups eg statutory, voluntary, private, independent, charitable; service users
Quality: audit; quality control; role of agencies eg Care Quality Commission, NICE; role of staff and users; quality perspectives eg Servqual-Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Berry; technical quality; functional quality

The learner can:

1.1 Discuss the philosophy of working in partnership in health and social care 1.2 Analyse the role of external agencies in setting standards and the impact this has on service quality

The learner will:

2 Understand how to promote partnership philosophies and relationships in health and social care services

Partnership working: empowerment; theories of collaborative working; informed decision making; confidentiality; professional roles and responsibilities; models of working eg unified, coordinated, coalition and hybrid models; management structures; communication methods; inter-disciplinary and inter-agency working and joint working agreements.

Legislation: current and relevant legislation eg safeguarding, equality, diversity, disability, data protection

Organisational practices and policies: current and relevant practices; agreed ways of working; services planning procedures and employment practices for different bodies ie statutory, voluntary, specialist units; risk assessment procedures

The learner can:

2.1 Compare models of partnership working and discuss how differences in working practices and policies affect collaborative working across the sector 2.2 Evaluate current legislation and organisational practices and policies for partnership working in health and social care

The learner will:

3Understand strategies for achieving quality in health and social care services

Standards: minimum standards; best practice; benchmarks; performance indicators; charters; codes of practice; legislation eg local, national, European

Implementing quality: planning, policies and procedures; target setting; audit; monitoring; review; resources (financial, equipment, personnel, accommodation); communication; information; adapting to change

Barriers: external (inter-agency interactions, legislation, social policy); internal (risks, resources, organisational structures, interactions between people)

The learner can:

3.1 Explain the standards that exist in health and social care for measuring quality 3.2 Evaluate different approaches to implementing quality systems 3.3 Analyse potential barriers to delivery of quality health and social care services

The learner will:

4Evaluate the outcomes of partnership working for users of services, professionals and organisations in health and social care services

Outcomes for service users: positive eg improved services, empowerment, autonomy, informed decision making; negative eg neglect, abuse, harm, anger, miscommunication, information overload, confusion, duplication of service provision, disempowerment

Outcomes for professionals: positive eg coordinated service provision, professional approach, clear roles and responsibilities, organised communication, preventing mistakes, efficient use of resources; negative eg professional conflict, miscommunication, time wasting, mismanagement of funding

Outcomes for organisations: positive eg coherent approach,...
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