Managing Quality

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Question 1:

You may select your industry of interest (manufacturing or service) to answer below question.

a) With reference to the lectures and research conducted through internet describe the key elements of a quality management system and highlight how you could strengthen the implementation of the system. Provide arguments in support of your recommendation on course of actions.

b) Indentify and critique three different quality Management theories for Managing quality in a company. Compare the critical differences of the philosophies. Use the Matrix method.

(50 Marks)

Question 2:

What is the cost of Quality? Describe the relationships between the different cost aspects of quality? What is the best strategy for improving the cost of Quality?

(10 marks)

Question 3:

To improve quality in a company you must institute the philosophy of Improvement by Projects (Joseph Juran). What is this philosophy and how would you conduct projects within an organization.

Describe in detail the Methodology of Quality Improvement. What difficulties do you think you will encounter and why in doing these quality improvement Projects?

(20 Marks)

Question 3:

Tools are needed to solve quality problems. Describe what are the functions of Quality Improvement Tools?

Name and evaluate any three different tools of the effective and cost efficiency.

(20 Marks)
(Total 100 marks)

Answers to Question 1a:
Quality management system is a management system to direct and control an organization with regards to quality. Quality management system can also be expressed as a set of coordinated activities to direct and control an organization in order to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance. With reference to the logistic industry, below are the key elements of a quality management system and its description: |No. |Key Elements of Quality Management |Description | | |System...
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