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SIM335 Managing Projects

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Contents 2 Task 1 3 The network diagram 3 Timing of activities and total float 4 Project duration and critical path 4 Question 4 4 Effect on duration and reasons 4 Limitations of network diagrams 5 Task 2 6 Introduction 6 Background of the business and overview of the project 6 Concept Phase 7 Development Phase 8 Implementation Phase 10 Commissioning Phase 13 Conclusion 14 Reference 15

Task 1
1) The network diagram

2) Timing of activities and total float
Timing of activities mean the time of the node finish. For example, it can be start earliest, finish earliest, start latest and finish latest. All the nodes of the diagram will include timing activities like these. If the activity start earliest and finish earliest means it will start and finish within a short time. On the other hand, the activity starts latest and finish latest means it will take latest time to start and finish at a latest time as well. The total float means the activity will not be affect by the project completion whether it’s delayed or earlier than the planning days.

3) Project duration and critical path
Project duration is the periods that when the implement of element start until it is complete. From the network diagram, it shows the prject duration is 71 days. Critical path will show the activities that are delayed which can affect the completion of the project. For this network the activity A, B, C, G, H, J, K, L, N, O, P, Q and R is the critical path. That means if these activities delays, the whole project will be affect as well.

4) Question 4
By using 71 divide 5 equal to 14.2, which means the project will finish in 14.2 weeks. So it is easy to know the finish date will be 14 November, 2012.
5) Effect on duration and reasons
a) Activity D is delayed 1 day. It will not affect the whole duration of the whole project. Because activity G will start only when C, D, E and F finished together. The total float will not change because there four activities performing together. b) Activity M is delayed 1 day. It will not affect the whole duration of the whole project as well. Because activity N will start only when M and L finished together. It is the same situation as the activity D. c) Activity Q is completed 1 day early. It will affect the whole duration of the whole project. Because activity R will start right after activity Q finished. That means if Q is completed 1 day early, then the R might finish 1 day early as well. Then the whole project will complete one day early.

6) Limitations of network diagram
a) The network diagram needs software to support. It cannot be used if there is no software to support. b) The network diagram is mostly theoretical, it might be different in the real practice. And sometimes the project completion might be affect by some unexpected problems. c) There is a lot of information in the network diagram especially for the big project. There might not have enough space in the node to explain all the information. That might take long time to arrange and affect the project completion date. At the same time, it is hard to find a paper which is big...
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