Managing People & Organisation

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Managing People and Organization
Assignment: Baker & McKenzie (A):
A New Framework for Talent Management


Executive Summary 3 Part I. External environment of global legal industry 4 1.1. Political4

1.2. Economic5
1.3. Social5
1.4. Technological5
1.5. Part II. Internal environment of Baker & McKenzie6 2.1 The Hard 3S’s (Structure, Strategy, System)7
2.2. The Soft 4S’s (Style/Culture, Staff, Skills, Shared Values)8 2.2.1 Style/Culture8
2.2.2 Staff9
2.2.2 Skills10
2.2.3 Shared Values10
Part III. Development Framework analysis11
3.1 Globalization11
3.2 Performance management11
3.3 Talent management12
Part IIII. Recommendations13
Appendix 114

Executive Summary

The report is based on the case study Baker & McKenzie (A): A New Framework for Talent Management. It examines different issues faced by Baker & McKenzie law firm during war for talent in the legal industry while creating a professional development program – the Development Framework for its employees.

The success of an organization depends on how it interacts with its external environment, therefore the external environment of Baker & McKenzie law firm has been analyzed by means of the PEST framework.

The internal environment of Baker & McKenzie law firm has been also critically evaluated with regards to McKenzie 7S framework analyzing the hard 3S’s (Structure, Strategy, System) and the Soft 4S’s (Style/Culture, Staff, Skills, Shared Values) of the company’s internal environment.

Bearing in mind Baker & McKenzie’s diversity of national cultures analysis of The Development Framework has been conducted and the following conclusions for successful future management of Baker & McKenzie and its employees have been drawn: * All the participants of the Baker & McKenzie network should have common understanding of the company’s values and stay loyal to the organization’s principles, feel involvement and belonging to the organization’s overall strategy. * More intrinsic motivation of the employees should be achieved. * Motivation should be taken into consideration for achieving an individual’s performance * The compensation system has to be changed

* Talent management requires strong executive support
* The firm should provide a more motivating workplace and manage in a way that changes the relationships employees have with their work, their line managers and the organization. * Baker & McKenzie firm should consider how their employees' career goals and objectives meet corporate planning and goal

Based on the analyses the following recommendations have been carried out: * To create a family-type atmosphere in the firm, developing relationships across the firm, organizing cross-national meetings several times per year in order to spend more time & networking with fellow partners and their family * Baker & McKenzie firm should use closed merit-based payment system of compensation * Baker & McKenzie firm should become a learning organization using intentional learning system combines the strengths of social networking and knowledge management systems with the planned learning focus of mentoring relationships * Implementation of the Development Framework throughout the whole firm is advised * Baker and McKenzie firm needs to develop a more structured recruiting strategy and select employees according to established criteria * Baker & McKenzie firm should use "bottom-up" approach to succession planning * Baker & McKenzie firm should put into...

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