Managing paediatric illness and injury

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Describe how to recognise and treat the effects of extreme cold for an infant and a child There are different symptoms of an extreme cold for a baby and a young child. Signs and symptoms in a baby are

Baby may be unusually quiet and refusing to feed.
Baby may not necessarily change colour.
Signs and symptoms in a child are
Cold, pale, dry skin
Listlessness or confusion
Weakening pulse
Failing consciousness
Slow, shallow breathing.
This means that the way you treat the effects is slightly different. Treatment for a baby is
Call a doctor
Warm baby gradually by wrapping in a blanket
Cuddle to transfer your body warmth to baby.
Treatment for a child is
Give the child a warm bath. When skin colour has returned to normal, help out of the bath and quickly wrap in warm towels or blankets Dress the child warmly (including a hat) and put to bed, covered with plenty of blankets. Ensure that the room is warm and give warm drinks

Stay with them until temperature has returned to normal
If the body temperature does not return to normal, get the child to hospital as soon as possible

Describe how to recognise and treat the effects of extreme heat for an infant and a child If left untreated, heat exhaustion may lead to heatstroke, which can be fatal. The symptoms for a child who is suffering from extreme heat could be: fatigue

clammy skin
nausea and/or vomiting
The way to treat a child who is suffering from extreme heat is to Bring the child indoors or into the shade
Undress and lie child down in a cool, airy room, if possible with a fan Raise legs to improve blood flow
Help the child to sit up and sip as much cool water as they can manage. Later give chilled water or diluted fruit juice Call the doctor for further advice.

First aid treatments for electric shocks
The symptoms of a child who is suffering from an electric shock can be things like the child becoming unconscious, having visible burns...
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