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Goal and PlanningP.4
Employee RecruitmentP.6
Training P.7
Evaluating employees – AppraisalP.8
Human Resources ManagementP.10-12
DHL Hong Kong
DHL Express was the first international air expresses company to operate in Hong Kong. With DHL’s experience in local and regional markets, DHL strive to deliver the highest level of services and solutions. In 2000, DHL's Central Asia Hub at the Hong Kong International Airport began operation. In 2002, DHL entered into a franchise agreement for the development, construction and operation of a dedicated Express Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport. The fully dedicated ECT of an operational area at 18,200m2 became operational in 2004, serving as the home of DHL's Asian Air Network.

DHL Express has an extensive service network which includes Express Centers and Drop-off Boxes situating in major business districts. DHL Express has 2 service centers and the Central Asia Hub to channel all cross-border movements. These facilities are the most sophisticated amongst local industry players and have the capacity and the capability to move shipments quickly and efficiently. Goal and Planning

Planning defines the organization’s objectives or goals, establishing an overall strategy for achieving those goals, and developing a comprehensive hierarchy of plans to integrate and coordinate activities. Customer satisfaction is the No. 1 factor of DHL Group's success. Its core business is to deliver excellent service. It strives to establish long-term business partnerships with its customers. This shows that DHL understands customers clearly and implements the objective ‘Customer-oriented’. A clear planning can lead to successful achievement of the goals.

Specialized Services (Work Specialization)
DHL’s services were divided into different specialized parts. It intended to increase the productivity of labor. The division of labor reached the level of a scientifically-based management practice with the time and motion studies associated with Fayol. In Express Services & Logistics is divided into the followings:

Employee Recruitment
DHL is focus in fostering of creative, hard-working talented people. Therefore the new employee Supply chain is very important for DHL

Recruitment Sources
The Recruitment Sources of DHL is first through the internal search, then through the external search. In DHL, it will promote current employees priority to fit the vacancy if there are vacancies. Then, if there are no suitable employees, DHL recruits in external through external search. The external search main in the universities & Professional organization Example: MBA Program, AIESEC Program and Keep in Contact Programmed DHL provides Talent Program to foster of creative and hard-working talented people and find the potential and possible future employees. These talent people will recruitment to DHL in the future.

On-the-Job Training: Job Instruction Training
DHL Logistics UK Graduate Programmed exposes graduates to the Supply Chain industry through various operational placements at many of locations throughout UK.

MBA Program
These programmed was aim to broaden the trainee horizons and experiences to assist the job. And provide the opportunity to trainee’s personal development in DHL. Trainee can understand all the job essential information and require in a clear manner. The program make the trainee can try out the job to demonstrate their understanding. Placing gradates in the job with a designated resource person give them assistance. It can make the entire trainee be effective and fast in suit the work.

Off-the-Job Training
DHL is emphasizing the staffs training. DHL spend more than $1,000,000 every year in supporting the further education of staff. All the money...

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