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Topics: Strategic management, Decision making, Decision theory, Management / Pages: 7 (1605 words) / Published: Jun 11th, 2012
Sample MCQ’s practice exam MGMT1001 1. Which of the following is true concerning the effectiveness of group decision making over individual decision making? a. Group effectiveness is influenced by its size, b. Groups are less creative than individuals. c. Individuals are always outperformed by groups. d. Individuals tend to be more accurate. e. Groups are more accepting of the final decision. 2. Which of the following factors WOULD NOT influence an organisation to have a higher degree of centralisation? a. Decisions are significant. b. Company is large. c. Organisation is facing a crisis. d. Company is geographically dispersed. e. Environment is stable. 3. What type of team operates without meeting face to face? a. self-directed b. temporary c. cross-functional d. virtual e. functional 4. Which of the following is an accurate statement about selection criteria validity? a. The law is currently unclear about the use of invalid selection devices. b. It is illegal to use intelligence tests. c. Validity is when there is an expected relationship between the selection device and job performance criteria. d. A valid selection device would show a positive relationship between the predictor and criterion. 5. Decision making is more than 'choosing among alternatives' because decision making a. requires that steps be followed. b. is more complicated. c. requires a lot of time. d. A, B but NOT C e. all the above. 6. Who theorised the change process involving unfreezing, changing, and refreezing? a. Lewin b. Mayo c. Lawler d. Robbins e. Drucker 7. Some people who are not in formal leadership positions nonetheless have referent power and exert influence over others because of their: a. emotional effects b. likability c. charismatic dynamism









d. all of the above 8. All of the following are strengths of a simple organisational structure EXCEPT: a. it's inexpensive to maintain. b. it's flexible. c. accountability is clear. d. it's

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