Managing Market, Monopoly, Dependency and Deepening Debt: from Three Ipe Perspectives

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International Political Economy (IPE) is very important to the each country in this world. IPE also can be refers to the combination of the economics, laws, and political science which is related to the international system. It is also literally suggests that IPE including of economic actors boundless producer, consumer, distributor and certainly it extends the buying, selling, demand, and supply. Furthermore, IPE also can be defined as a study of a political basis of the economic actions, which is meant that the policies of the government that effect to the market operations. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine what happened to the world without IPE. This is because it has been interaction between international politics and international economic. A part from that the action of the political of the nations or state clearly affect through the trade and the flow of the monetary. International Political Economic is always related to the managing market, monopoly, dependency and deepening debt. The government from a big power also cannot guarantee about their economic system because of the economic conditions of the world today. The world economic today is not consistence because of the war. This is because the paradigm of critical toward the political economy is no scholars and monolith working within this tradition that is certainly claim no monopoly over warnings concerning the problems. In the other hand, we can said that the International Political Economy brings an understanding of how political economy dictates so much to the peoples in the world and how powerless refugees the benefits least from the global finance situation. 1.0 AMERICAN CEO OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE ADMINISTRATION KEEPING KFC FAST FOOD CHAIN COMPETITIVE Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a great company in the world. KFC is a big franchise company and it has many branches around the world. The company also uses the name since 1991 for its signage, packaging and advertisements in the United State as a part of a new corporate program newer and remodeled restaurants will adopt the new logo and name. Nowadays, many fast food restaurants opened their new branches and they are fight together to make the business toward the country keeping competitive and success. For KFC itself, they tried to make their business success with their CEO of International Trade Administration doing some business strategy. To make the KFC keeping competitive, the CEO of International Trade Administration has already put a strategy to maintain pay a salary of a current workers. The current workers are not being asked to accept pay cuts contrary according to their company. The new employees will be engaged at a lower pay in effort to keep the company competitive. So, the workers can work with competitive and it will produce a good result for the company and the production can be increased. Sometimes, the workers will also be working overtime and the company will get a good benefits. The CEO of International Trade Administration also doing some competitive marketing strategy. From the strategy, it is doing large scale promotion activities around the world. In the promotion, some of its products and advertising strategies positioned the brand as a premium brand and grabbed a lion’s share of the value and market especially among the chicken loving youth of India.

In addition, the next strategy that already used by the CEO of International Trade Administration of KFC is location of the restaurant. In the strategy, it needs to build restaurant at the strategic locations which is located at the centre market. If the strategy happened, the company will get a more benefit because of many people can enter to the restaurant like a shopping hubs. Next is a customer loyalty. The loyalty of the customers is very important to make sure that the company can keep compete with other fast food...

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