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Topics: Management, Human resources, Organization Pages: 2 (1109 words) Published: November 6, 2014
Purpose and aim of unit The purpose of this unit is to introduce learners to human resources (HR) activity and to the role of the HR function in organisations in general terms. It focuses on the aims and objectives of HR departments in contemporary organisations and particularly on the ways that these are evolving. Different ways of delivering HR objectives and emerging developments in the management of the employment relationship are explored as well as the methods that can be used to demonstrate that the function adds value for organisations. The unit also aims to inform learners about published research evidence linking HR activity with positive organisational outcomes. The case for professionalism and an ethical approach to HR is introduced as is the role played by HR managers in facilitating and promoting effective change management. This unit is suitable for persons who seek to develop a career in HR management and development are working in the field of HR management and development and need to extend their knowledge and skills have responsibility for implementing HR policies and strategies need to understand the role of HR in the wider organisational and environmental context. Learning outcomes On completion of this unit, learners will Be able to explain the purpose and key objectives of the HR function in contemporary organisations. Understand how HR objectives are delivered in different organisations. Understand how the HR function can be evaluated in terms of value added and contribution to sustained organisation performance. Understand the HR functions contribution to effective change management. Be able to explain the role of ethics and professionalism in HR management and development. Understand the relationship between organisational performance and effective HR management and development. Guided learning hours The notional learning hours for this unit are 60 in total. If the unit is provided by attendance mode, the guided learning hours would...
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