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B121 EMA Task 1 RDaSH (Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber) Mission Statement is Promoting health and quality of life for the people and communities we serve) within this mission statement they have strategic strategies, to continuously improve service quality for carers and service users, ensure value for money and increases organisational efficiency whilst maintaining quality and maintain excellent performance and governance and a strong market position and improve further our reputation for quality. ( HYPERLINK http// 26/02/2014 http// 26/02/2014 the vision of the Trust Leading the way with care all ties in the quality of the care and services that we as an organisation provide to meet the best practice for services users and employees. The main issues that at present for the organisation is on the values of the Trust and how we are perceived by stakeholders service users and employees and how they want to be perceived in the future, as part of the Mission statement the values play a substantial part is moving the organisation forward, the values that the Trust standby are under scrutiny of some of the employees at this time as they say that the Trust may advocate the values but are not working towards them. The Trusts core values are Respect and dignity Commitment to quality of care Compassion Improving lives Working together for patients Everyone counts We can use the STEEP module against the core values of RDaSH Social Consumers at the moment do not associate respect and dignity and compassion with the NHS with all the cuts within the NHS patients feel that they are not respected and that there is no compassion as waiting list are increasing and targets need to be met. But we can change the perceptions of patients by showing that patients they do come first and we are working together to improve patients lives. Technological -...
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