Managing Human Capital

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SLIDE 1 - INTRODUCTION London School of Commerce(2013,P.22) in a way mentioned that in order to be competitive in the current challenging business world, an organization needs to ensure that on top of having a good and positive driving vision and mission statement, the most important asset is being studied and taken care of. In this context, the manpower (also better known as Human Capital) for an organization needs to be treated as an asset; instead of company expense (typical treatment onto manpower in most of the organizations)i. With this type of importance, Human Capital Management enriched with Strategic approaches is needed in ensuring that Human Capitals are being developed and invested in the aspects of know-how, technical skills and also attitudes, The ultimate target is for these Human Capital to eventually contribute back to the Organization’s Culture and future successes. As the first stage of CTM Malaysia’s foundation was mostly involving projects and construction stage, the needs for us to seriously looking into the effectiveness of our Human Capital Management (HCM) was put aside temporarily. Now that CTM Malaysia is already at the normal production stage, it is critical for us to now look into the HCM aspects seriously. Therefore, in line with this, my presentation today is designed to address the main issues and challenges that we; as an organization, face currently globally and locally. At the same time I would like to share my views on the gap between CTM’s HR Agenda against the Employees’ Expectation (People Agenda) with the challenges in aligning both. Finally, at the end of this session, our intention is to look into the topic I believe is the main emerging concern of our

company related to the Human Capital aspect and the proposals for progress improvement for it.

SLIDE 2 - KEY CHALLENGES FACING MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN CAPITAL GLOBALLY AND LOCALLY As shown in the first Slide here, and by combining the facts revealed by the Boston Consulting Group (2010, P. 1), Anonymous (2005, P.7), Gross, Ames (1997, P.1), Avadurai, Dr. Selvamalar (2013, P.5) and AON Hewitt (2011, P.5), I would conclude that the 8 (eight) most popular and critical HR topics; specifically challenges those discussed globally are Talent Management, Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Talent Retention, Demographics Gap means the gap between Gen-Y, Gen-X and the older workers, Professional Shortages, Performance and Rewards Alignment and lastly the direction towards Learning Organization. At the same time, the 7 (seven) challenges popularly faced and discussed locally are Right Talent Hiring, Staff’s Motivation, Inter-Cultural Environment, Talent Retention, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement and Talent Management. With no intention of neglecting all the challenges identified in the slide and also due to the lack of leverage for a long presentation, here are some points touching base on the 7 (seven) challenges affecting both the global and local market of ours those that I believe is quite critical for us to talk more about and focus at later.

SLIDE 3 - KEY CHALLENGES FACING MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN CAPITAL GLOBALLY AND LOCALLY (DETAILS) Talent Management As presented by the Hay Group (2010, P.56) whom claims that organizations often fail in ensuring that Talent Management works, I would personally conclude that the main ingredients for an organization to ensure the success of Talent management are the Flexible Strategies and Leaders. Principle that needs to be held-onto and believed at all time is that...
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