Managing Diversity Through Human Resource Management

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Assignment 2
Managing diversity through human resource management
An international perspective and conceptual framework

Prepared By: Samih El Kahtib

Instructor: Dr. Hasan Saleh

Managing diversity through human resource management
An international perspective and conceptual framework
Managing diversity reflects the reality that people differ in many visible & invisible ways; such as: * Age
* Gender
* Marital status
* Social status
* Disability
* Sexual orientation,
* Religion
* Personality traits
* Ethnicity
* Culture
Multiculturalism proved to be the most important dimension of diversity. Although many aspects of diversity have been examined by researchers, no comprehensive model exists. We will see a framework which will help organizations develop HRM strategies and policies to manage diversity effectively. The framework will also help researchers identify key areas for future research and guide practitioners to formulate and implement diversity appropriately. A diverse workforce comprises a multitude of beliefs, understandings, values, ways of viewing the world, and unique information. Rapid internationalization and globalization has enhanced the significance of workforce diversity via cross cultural and multi cultural exchange.

Major Issues & Objectives of HR Diversity Management
Effective diversity first started to avoid legal offense regarding discrimination. Then, there was a debate about the difference between equal opportunity & managing diversity. Each researcher has a different point of view, but the debate ended up by concluding that Managing diversity includes the process of EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) & AA (Affirmative Action). The scope of Managing Diversity covers: * Seeks to overcome labor market segregation through addressing inequalities based on individual differences, such as race, gender and class. * Emphasizes valuing and taking advantage of individual differences, mainly cultural pluralism, in order for all people to maximize their potential, which is beyond legal compliance-oriented equal employment opportunity. Other objective of HR Diversity Management:

* Creativity
* Flexibility
* Employee Attraction
* Employee Retention
* Better Marketing Capabilities
* Better Organizational Reputation
All this leads to:
* Innovation
* Creativity
* Outperforming homogenous teams
* Better Problem Solving Skills
* Diverse Team lead to better innovation & Higher Quality Solutions * Reduce Turnover
* Attract best candidates
* Increase Job satisfaction (depending on the fair reward system)

HR Diversity Management Practices
The key practices of HRM include recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management and pay. 1. Recruitment and selection: Managing diversity in this process mainly focuses on hiring women and minorities. Morrison survey proved that most organizations introduced just one approach to equality, instead of an array of measures intended to make the organizational climate more supportive. Organizations need to ensure that employment policies and practices provide developmental opportunities, career planning, reduction of work–family conflict, and mentoring for disadvantaged groups. 2. Training & Development: Horwitz proved that monopolization of skilled labor by white trade unions effectively denied access to apprenticeship training and skilled and managerial positions for South African black employees. All studies proved that organization might be hiring diverse employees but they are mainly investing in white men which reflect a biased act. 3. Performance Appraisal: Women seem to get lower rating in performance appraisal especially in those that are related to pay and incentive plans. 4. Pay: The main cause of dissatisfaction and de-motivation, but...
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