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The customer simulation exercise of Minnesota Micromotors Inc, was a very intriguing one. It exposed me to a variety of moving pieces that enable a successful business performance across different objectives and parameters.

The introductory note on the company and industry was helpful – in that it helped me to have a better understanding of the product and customer profile. This report also touched upon competition and growth prospects along with challenges.

My overall strategy was to ensure that I have a good customer satisfaction as product quality and performance was most critical. While we did have customers A and D who were large customers and value conscious – quality and performance across all segments were critical.

My goal was to ensure we have satisfied customers as such I ensured that we continue to invest in R&D specifically in increasing thermal resistance as our product was rated lower than competition and customer feedback.

As I reviewed different customer segments and their satisfaction levels – it was clear that customer A and D were contributing more than 55% of the business. I tried to allocate extra direct sales force time to these customers whose needs were customization along with value conscious purchase. For large customers B & C who were more quality conscious – my focus was to increase product quality and interaction along with technical support as per feedback from customers. While distributors who were being given expected margins covered small customers - I gradually reduced the amount of marketing spends on the small customers, as they were being taken care of by distributors – they also had a very high customer satisfaction score overall.

While at it – I had initially increased the number of Sales rep – however given drop in sales I had to consider reducing the number of sales rep and shift their time spends between large customers. A majority of the time was being split A& B and C&...
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