Managing Customer Experience in Communications

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Matching Service Quality to Customer Expectations
Growing interest in new services - such as IPTV and Mobile TV- is requiring the industry to establish new approaches to managing Customer Experience delivered through a value chain of cooperating partners. No longer is the end service experience solely within the control of a single provider. Agreements are needed amongst partners about: • • • • The scope of Customer Experience(CE); Measuring Customer Experience and Satisfaction; Setting & policing Service Level Agreements; Troubleshooting problems across the Value Network / Ecosystem;

• •

Scope of Customer Experience challenge. Key properties of Customer Experience / Service Quality Management (CE/SQM) Framework, or Ecosystem; CE/SQM Framework APIs requirements; Value Chain, CE and process requirements; CE Metrics Requirements; Network probe and other measurement methods requirements.

• • • •

The Managing Customer Experience Program has investigated these and other questions, and has recently completed Phase 1 deliverables. Phase 2 work has now started on addressing, in detail, specific operational and technical needs.

Phase 1 of the project
The first phase of the project is now complete. The key objectives were to: • indentify technical and operational concerns for managing the customer experience; establish a community for the TM Forum membership on the topic; establish a program to deliver enhancements to TM Forum Frameworks to implement end-to-end (e2e) Customer Experience solutions.

TR 149 Technical Report:
Part 1: Holistic e2e Customer Experience Framework Part 1: Provides a Customer Experience model and methodology called Key Factor Analysis. It proposes a CE/SQM Ecosystem Framework which is a set of design principles, APIs, tools and metrics for establishing Customer Experience, and end to end Service Quality Management across value chains. These models will ultimately provide consistent design principles that will define...
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