Managing Currency Risk with Financial and Operational Hedging Techniques

Topics: Currency, Foreign exchange market, United States dollar Pages: 4 (2165 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Introduction Overview of the hedging techniques In the financial market, almost all of companies need to face the currency risk. In order to manage the currency risk, companies will use different hedging techniques, such as financial and operational hedging techniques. For example, money market, futures contracts, options and forwards contracts are commonly used by firms, as well as operational hedging techniques. All of 4 types of financial hedging techniques are short-term hedge. Money market is a part of financial markets for assets involved in short-term borrowing,lending, buying and selling. Its features are high liquidity, lower risk, such as treasury bills. Futures contracts are future transaction for buying or selling, and made by Futures exchange. The date and place of the transaction have been provided. There are some features of futures contracts. Quantity, commodity and quality have been limited, excepting the price. Also, it cannot be done over-the-counter. Options is a financial tool, which based on futures. If purchaser hold the options, he/she will has a right, not the obligation, to buy from or sell to the seller of the provided commodity in the future as the same price as the price agreed now. The last financial hedging technique, forwards contracts, is a non-standardization contact between two parties to sell or buy in the future. Curb-exchange and cash transaction are the feathers of forward contact. This essay will focus on two operational hedging techniques, market selection strategy and plant location strategy. The first one suggests that firms should diversify products into many markets as possible. The second one suggests that firms need to find out which location will be good for setting up production plant. Advantages and disadvantages of the hedging techniques Money market advantages 1. Fixed future rate 2. Flexible amount 3. To use it for currencies where forwards contacts cannot be used. Disadvantages 1. More complex 2. Fixed...
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