Managing Cross-Cultural Issues

Topics: Management, Project management, Cross-cultural Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Problem Statement:
Infinite is so far serving the requirements across the cross cultural environments and has the need to manage this rapid globalization and Cross-Cultural Issues within the company for International Projects in order to minimize its adverse effect on the organization. In the company the Software development efforts are being led by the Project Managers and Program Managers who are responsible for all the dealings with the clients and Team Management where the Team is geographically dispersed. The Manager’s position is a position under pressure from both the Client & Team’s perspective and they need to strike a balance between the two and hence it becomes important for them to handle the client issues properly in order to achieve the Customer Satisfaction and Manage the Team properly to get the maximum output, highest productivity and Team’s satisfaction of work too. This will be beneficial for the growth of the Managers and eventually the Growth of the company. IT Team members are trained to focus on technical data, scientific evidence and hard facts. Because the Technologies by Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle are same universally, hence the senior project management thinks that the nationality and cultural differences will not play a significant role in the development of software and the process that is followed. Yet the project/software management methodologies get adversely affected by the Cross-Cultural issues and the company needs to handle them properly in order to avoid the Project Failures. Team management becomes a Cruc Task for a Manager as the Team is comprised of culturally different people who comes with their own mental blocks, set of principles and unique characteristics. To change somebody overnight is not a possible thing to do. The problem is that the Team members cross cultural issues negatively affect the growth of the organization and are the road blocks while managing the Globalization within the company. Working...
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