Managing communication

Topics: Communication, Information, Writing Pages: 9 (2851 words) Published: January 29, 2014
__________________________INTRODUCTION_____________________________ I was always thinking to start up a business and I didn’t know how to start and what was needed in order to achieve this goal and this unit contain the right information about business communication and knowledge which will guide and help me to implement them in this process .In this essay I am going to explain exactly how communications ,knowledge and information can be put into practice and how they can help me to achieve my goal. ________________DECISION - DOORS AND WINDOWS SHOP_________________ I have decided that my business will be a bricks-and-mortar business because is an industry where I have to interact with customers, to give them advice , I can guide them to choose the right product and I can customize the products according with their needs, something that you can’t do it on line. I chose this bricks-and-mortar business because is something which is almost the fastest growing industry, is something that will work for long term and can bring a good profit. The cost to start up this business is affordable for me, it gives me the opportunity to extend and establish business relations with different factories from other countries and in this way I can offer a wide range of new and competitive products. The market for this type of business is wide open and the product design is changing continuously attracting customers. I can offer different security locks and accessories for all my products (doors and windows) , I can customize the products according with customers needs (safety locks ,size , design, handles , color , double glazing etc.) ___________________________RESEARCH_________________________________ After my own research I have found that the market size for my business is big enough, the competitors are not a threat for me and the potential price for my products can drive customer’s growth and success for my business. ___________________________PRODUCTS________________________________ Based on my market research I decided what kind of doors and windows I should offer to the customers and I discovered how I can meet their needs by offering a new design of interior doors, main entrance doors, double glazing windows along with latest safety locks. Our services and products offer safety, unique design and possibility to customize the products upon customer’s requests. In the same time all this are an advantage for my company. ______________________________FINANCE_______________________________ I can cover 70% from the total cost and the rest I got a loan from the bank so I have sufficient funds to buy all the equipment needed and also I have enough working capital to last until my business is moving in the right direction and start to bring me profit. _________________________LOCATION AND PRICE_________________________ Location is very important and I found an affordable place for rent in central London, which I can use it as a showroom. Also I will rent a cheap, small warehouse in a busy industrial area where builders can notice me and buy my products for their customer’s, that means can bring me new opportunity to develop business relationships with different companies. I can check the market and do surveys with the customers to see what price they can afford to pay for a new product, I can negotiate prices with suppliers. I check with council how much money I need to spend to get my license for my showroom and I decided to rent a space for warehouse in an industrial area busy with trades as possible customers and price for rent is much cheaper. _______________________________MARKETING____________________________ My warehouse and my showroom will attract customers but I will also advertise in local newspapers, flyers and online. INTERNAL INFORMATIONSRELIABILITYSOURCES OF INFORMATION

My savingsYes, is a reliable information because is something I know for sure.Bank statements My loan from the bankReliable information...

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