Managing Business Relationship

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Communication underlies the effectiveness of coordinating exchange activities, developing strong relationships, which results in improved performance Without effective inter-organizational communications, learning among workmates is diminished and the long-run effectiveness of the relationship may be damaged. Communication presupposes that there is a particular cultural framework that allows "translation" of the meaning embedded within communication by the recipient to maintain the true intent of the communication (Blalock, 2005). When business partners emanate from different cultures, the underlying cultural inconsistencies in communication patterns create hurdles to the development of effective business relationships. Today, businesses continue to struggle with communication barriers in the workplace. The lack of a process to address communication issues presents a gap in managing business relationships.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss the key factors leading to effective communication in managing business relationship. First, examinations of the business communication issues are addressed. Next, analysis of example from scenario is presented. Finally, the skills and strategies to overcome communication inconsistencies are presented.


The most significant communication issue with external sources was identified in ServIT is the late payment issue between ServIT and a local café shop. It is related to negotiation theory. Negotiation is usually considered as a compromise to settle an argument or issue to benefit both parties as much as possible. (Megginson & Byrd, 2002:78). Negotiation in a business context can be used for selling, purchasing, staff, borrowing and transactions, along with anything else that are applicable for the business. For example, if Andrew could sit down with Renata to decide what level of each benefit they will receive.  There is a good chance for Andrew to think some of items are more important...

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