Managing Business Information Systems and Applications

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MM2422 Managing Business Information Systems and Applications Chiu Tang Fung 13086292D Individual Essay

Use of social media in businesses and its impact on work-related outcomes

According to Ahlqvis et al. (2010), Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Since from the past few decades, mobile and computer technology has rapidly developed. In our daily lives nowadays, we can easily observe that virtual communities and networks have been placed at a high-valued position by a lot of people. For example, a large number of people would prefer to communicate on social platform like WhatApps and Facebook instead of having a face-to-face meeting. Apart from making contribution to our daily lives, we recognize that social media could contribute a lot to the business if they are being properly used and managed.

We would firstly go further into internal usage of social media for a business. As Tarricone and Luca (2002) indicated the importance of teamwork for business success, teamwork has been widely adopted by a huge number of corporations all over the world as a common working practice. This requires immediate sharing of business and market information. In the past when social media had not been such popular, the team member could only share the information in written format. As a result, the information may not be able to be shared between all the members in the team efficiently since it may be time consuming for the members to copy by handwriting or photocopying. With the advanced technology nowadays, the business information can be conveniently shared through cloud service platforms such as intranet or Google Drive. As stated by Leavitt (2009), most entrepreneurs or corporations agree that cloud service would hopefully have a bright future in business. Cloud service would probably be beneficial to timely sharing of information which helps to improve the effectiveness of working. Besides, cloud service may also help to save cost of printing and promote social corporate responsibility within the company by using less paper and ink.

Another critical requirement of teamwork in a business is adequate and instant communication between team members and leader. At the time without social media, team members could only communicate in form of written in letter and spoken by face-to-face. These two communication methods would take quite a long time in both the encoding process and delivering process of message. As a result, the working efficiency of the whole team would be low. However, Wani et al. (2013) investigated for the effectiveness of communication through social media in commercial purpose. They concluded that social media is an effective communication which is cheap, quick and easy to operate. This could probably help to enhance the working efficiency by fostering communication. The instant feedback from the team leader could also provide incentive for the team members to work harder. Therefore, using social media like WhatsApp and Facebook as the communication platforms may enhance the working efficiency of employees by speeding up communication which may lead to raising the profitability of the whole company.

After discussing about the internal usage of social media for a business, we would now go further into the external usage of that in a business. Some customers nowadays would have relatively high expectation on most companies especially for those large-scaled international corporations. Other than high quality products, some customers would also expect high quality of after-sales service. As Birgelen et al. (2002) suggested that technological advances extend the after-sales services portfolio. Instead of physically going back to the store where the customers purchased the products to enjoy the after-sales service, they could probably now choose to stay at home and enjoy the after-sales service...
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