Managing Business Document Design and Development

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Manage Business Document Design and Development

1. Copy Right –You can not copy someone else’s document and use as your own, it can cause big fines and look bad for your company. Privacy Act – Confidentiality of the company
Discrimination – if you put on a document asking if the person who is filling out the form is married, what there race and colour is, may offend people.

2. The purpose of relating organizational policy and procedure into the design and use as each company has its own standards that are to be used in every document created, such as the type of font and colour they use. Can also be the format of the document and controlling the document making sure the version is up to date.

3. Printer Template – We use a printer company to design our Work Order books and to make 50 copies each time, they are given our first design with all the correct colour and font and then they design the finally product and then print for us. Google – We can google a particular template we are looking for and we can find other companies examples. Websites – We can purchase templates of particular websites that develop templates and sell them to companies.

4. The copyright act affects the design of the document by not being able to directly copy another companies design and using it for your own. You are aloud to take on the ideas of the form but by law you have to change between 30-40% of the document to be considered not copy right.

5. 3 cost considerations that may affect document design and implementation can be the choice out of choosing black and white or colour. We have to consider is the document we are printing who we are aiming to give this to, for example a pamphlet to give to customers would be done in colour to look presentable, or if its just notes for fellow colleges we would do in black and white.

We also have to look at the cost of the design, if we can design it our self or if we get...
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