Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results.

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Managing Business activities to achieve results.

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Hayley Badesha

Throughout this report I shall be exploring the importance of the different business process’s used to deliver outcomes and the goals of a company. Also see how the appropriate systems ensure the quality of either the services or products of a company and how this would effect and improve the organisation within the work place. I will explore the work-based problem of a slow and dated computer system and the solution to this with the planning processes involved. I shall discuss how the Total Quality Management principles could reduce such problems recurring and targets that could be put in place to improve the chance of smoother more efficient running of the office. Total Quality management is the constant drive and to deliver customer value and continuously improve. This is a principle that has evolved from earlier stages such as inspection, quality control and quality assurance. I shall explain this principle and how this helps the given identified problem from recurring. I will state how the Kaizen strategy, which is the emphasis on continual improvement, can maintain a standard of quality for a business. And evaluate how Lewins change model can influence the how likely the proposed solution is to success.

The Problem
There are obviously going to be problems that arise within the work place. However great or small these are to be addressed and a solution should to be found in order to continue with the smooth running of a business. Blackheath Products (a laminated sheet material distributor) have a problem where by the computer system that is installed for the sales team to process there orders and complete the day to day office duties is inefficient. The system is too slow, often is unresponsive and is an out-dated and long-winded process. This can often lead to mistakes being made with customer’s orders, delays with imputing work onto the systems and often loss of money for the business when the system is down. For example in the past there has been instances where by the system has failed and orders have been unable to be inputted or mistakes have been made with the customer’s order resulting in one our largest consumer ending their account with Blackheath and giving their custom to one of the biggest competitors. This repeated computer let downs have led to customer’s loss of loyalty with Blackheath. To improve this problem within the business, management could install a new computer package onto the system to speed up the work process for the sales team. An updated version of the system that is currently available would be a good solution so there would not be too much change for the staff to adapt to, but the efficiency of everyone’s workload would improve. This could possibly in the long run have cost savings to the company as a newer system would decrease the amount of errors on the system affecting customer’s orders and may result in less system failures, which is essentially a mass loss of business for the company.

The Planned Process
The process behind finding the best solution to this problem would be to follow “The Deming Cycle”. Deming cycle is a “continuous quality improvement model consisting of a logical sequence of four repetitive steps for continuous improvement” Deming, E (1986) He states that you are to firstly Plan how you are going to change the process of how things are done. This will allow you to predict what effect the proposed change will have on the company and in how these effects can be measured. For example with the problem suggested on this occasion, we have planned to change the computer system and predicted that the effects of this change would be that efficiency should improve and time would be saved. The increased amount of work people would then be able to get through within the day would clearly be measurable. Deming next states the Do stage. This is to...
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