Managing and Leading: Report

Topics: Team, Management, Responsibility Pages: 4 (1145 words) Published: October 2, 2010
1.1 Managing and Leading Group Report no. 1

Date of meeting: 3rd August 2010

Attendees: All members of the group.

• Hong Tang (Issabella)

• Thi Hung Tran (Julie)

• Bao Quan Nguyen (Michael)

• Wanqian Zhou (Tiffany)

• Yang Geng (Yang)

Absentees: None

Roles and responsibility:
✓ Issabella– responsible for the icebreaker and introducing the teacher‟s feedback part, take attendance ✓ Yang– responsible for the ‘Team Tower Power” and lead discussion questions for team 2 ✓ Julie– give a speech to welcome other teams to the meeting and lead discussion questions for the team 1, introduce the team with SD role. ✓ Michael– introduce the team with R role review of the meeting and feedback, control other groups ✓ Tiffany– lead discussion questions for team 2 and introduce the team with P role activity ✓ Julie- write the agenda and control the meeting, introduce the agenda, manage the time, lead discussion questions

The whole team had a discussion with Mr. Michael, class lecturer, on how to successfully manage and lead the workgroups meeting. Our lecturer gave us a brief picture of it as it is the team‟s first time undertaking the managing role. Following Mr. Michael ‘s advices, the syndicate had a meeting before the actual workgroup meeting to plan for it. At the meeting the team planned what to do, how to do, and who to do them. In particular, the syndicate decided that Julie will prepare the agenda and manage the meeting, Issabella and Julie will be responsible for the ‘Team Tower Power”, Tiffany will give the welcome speech and lead the discussion questions (details above at Roles and Responsibility section). After the meeting, the leader of the syndicate, Issabella sent an e-mail with the defined roles of each person to remind team members of their responsibility. Overall, due to the fact that it is the first time managing the meeting and the lack of experience, we tried our best despite the fact...
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