Managers Roles

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As the head of an organizational unit, every manager must perform some ceremonial duties as well as greet dignitaries, attend weddings, or take out customers.

As figurehead of an organization managers need to take responsibility for actions of the employees such as taking blame for a mishap that may have occurred Leader
Managers are responsible for the work of their respective people of their unit. They must partake in leadership roles such as motivating and encouraging employees.

As a leader, the manager must empower their employees a through difficult times and settle disputes to ensure that everyone is happy and progress is being made. Liaison
Managers must make contacts outside the vertical chain of command, allowing connections to be made between peers, people inside their unit, and with superiors.

As a liaison, a manager should be the middle man in conversations between line workers and employees ensuring that proper information is had by both parts. INFORMATIONAL ROLES

As a monitor, the manager is perpetually scanning the environment for information, interrogating liaison contacts and subordinates, and receiving unsolicited information to network personal contacts.

Mangers should also act as monitoring by continually interpreting the surroundings checking for danger to make sure that everyone is safe and doing their assigned duty. Disseminator
In the disseminator role, the manager passes privileged information directly to subordinates who would otherwise not have access to it.

As a disseminator, a manager is responsible providing information to colleagues such as new news about decisions or rulings. Spokesperson
As spokesperson, the manager sends some information to people outside the unit, such as making a speech or speaking up about a product modification.

In the spokesperson role, a manager is responsible for voicing opinions of their organization such as superiors and workers, they must...
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