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Management assignment

Mega Environment, Task Environment and Structure
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Table of contents
Table of contents- 1 -
1.0 Introduction- 3 -
2.0 Mega environment- 3 -
2.1 Technological element- 3 -
2.2 Economic element- 4-
2.3 Legal – political element- 4 -
2.4 Sociocultural / demographics element- 4 -
2.5 International element- 5 -
3.0 Task environment- 5 -
3.1 Customers and clients- 6 -
3.2 Competitors- 6 -
3.3 Suppliers- 6 -
3.4 Labor supply and the importance of managing diversity- 6 - 3.5 Government agencies- 7 -
4.0 Structure- 7 -
5.0 Conclusion- 8 -
6.0 Reference list- 9 -

1.0 Introduction
Air France was founded on 7 October, 1933. It is the French flag carrier headquartered in Tremblay-en-France. Air France is a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM Group, and it is founding member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. Air France and KLM networks have been combined to form a perfectly complementary network. As of 2011 they are serves 230 destinations in 113 countries with Paris Charles de Gaulle as the center linking Europe and the rest of the world and also carried 75.6 million passengers in 2011. (Air France, 2012) In this report, I will explain mega – environment and task environment in external environment, and the theory of Structure use Air France company as an as example. 2.0 Mega environment

The mega-environment is a segment of the external environment that reflects the broad conditions and trends in the societies within which an organization operates. There have five major elements: technical, economic, legal-political, demographics and global (Bartol, et al., 2011, p.72). 2.1 Technological element

Technological element reflects the current state of knowledge regarding the production of products and services (Bartol, et al., 2011, p.72). Technology is a particular state of knowledge and it tends to evolve through periods of incremental change punctuated by technological breakthroughs that either enhance or destroy the competence of firms in an industry. In regards to Air France, Air France chose to insource its aircraft maintenance. Because its fleet for as short a time as possible for optimum aircraft maintenance. It is can ensure flight safety, better manage aircraft operations and keep costs down. This new organization has enabled us to reduce outsourcing and to specialize Group investments. (Air France, 2012)

2.2 Economic element
Economic element involves the systems of production, distribution, and consumption wealth (Bartol, et al., 2011, p.73). In a capitalist economy, governed  by market forces and  means of production are privately owned by individuals, on privately owned by individuals,  In a socialist economy, the means of production are owned by the state and economic activity is coordinated by state plan. In regards to Air France, at present, with the constant development of global economy, the living standards of people continue to improve, and consumption levels are increasing, therefore people will have more demand go to trip or By plane for business. So, this is a opportunities for Air France.

2.3 Legal – political element
The legal-political element of the mega-environment includes the legal and governmental systems within which an organization must function (Bartol, et al., 2011, p.74). In regards to Air France, the political element can be related to the company as related to the company as France government has signed an “open skies” agreement with China by which both countries have unlimited access over each other in terms of flights.

2.4 Sociocultural / demographics element
The sociocultural element of the mega-environment includes attitudes, values, norms, beliefs,...
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