Managerial Skills and Responsibility

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It is the direct responsibility of the manager to identify performance issues with the team and to evaluate this performance whether it is good or bad performance. The manager should be able to identify the key issues that indicate a change in performance. For identifying poor performance in an individual the symptoms may be that the individual appears stressed,isn't meeting their personal targets, complaining more or is having to work longer hours to complete the same amount of work. It could also be from external sources-e.g. complaints from customers or other areas of the business that rely on their work. From a business point an increase in wastage or budget overspends could indicate that person has performance issues. Poor performance can also be caused by personal matters away from the workplace. A good example from my workplace is that one of our team leaders was constantly overspending on his budget the winter shutdown period. When it was flagged up and investigated it was found that the overspend was due to him not looking around for quotes from different contractors and he was just accepting the first and easiest quote that he received. He was also just using the same contractor who was then sub contracting out the work and charging more. After a brief discussion with the team leader it was found that he was having problems at home which was causing him stress and a lack of motivation as his mind was elsewhere. His work was then spread a bit to give him more time to concentrate on home life and sort himself out. This shows that the eventual performance issue may not be directly linked to the underlying cause but that small things can contribute to poor performance. Performance issues are not always about bad performance and a manger needs to be able to handle good performance as well. If someone does seem to be performing very well and this is a sudden change it is a good idea to look at the surrounding factors to see if it is an overall increase in that persons effort or if external factors have contributed e.g. extra work force sharing load, etc... This will ensure that praise is given where it is deserved and will help to drive the team forward together. If praise is given without checking the external factors then the manager may give praise to an individual whose performance has only increased due to other people or efforts and this may have an effect on team moral and therefore turn some good performance back into poor motivation and therefore poor performance. The manager must be careful not to overstep his bounds when dealing with performance issues as this can cause more issues. To do this they must know their own limits of responsibility. The manager has direct responsibility for his own workforce e.g. his team, and so should deal with all performance issues relating to those team members-to a certain level. It is important that these matters are dealt with properly and with good communication to make sure that the issues can be resolved quickly and easily. If there is a performance issue with an employee outside of their direct reporting line then the manager should speak carefully with that employees line manager-although this should be done carefully to avoid a blame culture whereby the manger informing the line manager seems to be blaming that team. An example would be if there was an issue with a job involving a lot of contractors. The manager should approach the contractor manager carefully and just suggest that there is an issue with the job without blaming any specific contractors outright. Also when dealing with limits of responsibility it is important to check the serious of the problem and needs to be escalated to higher management, it is a recurring problem and needs further investigate with others to help, or how clear the problem is-if it has causes outside of work and may require other more qualified people to deal with it e.g. HR departments, etc...

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