Managerial Roles

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* Managerial functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling A manager’s role is to supervise and manage the overall performance of staff while achieving business and organizational goals, vision and objectives. A manager should analyze strategies on how best to improve quality and earnings for an organization while motivating employees to increase productivity. A manager should be involved in the employee selection process, any rewards or recognitions given and further career development and/or training for its employees. A manager must have effective planning skills. A manager must be able to set timeframes for its employees to accomplish goals and execute a plan to meet those goals in line with the organization’s mission and values. Without effective planning employees would feel the manager is inadequate and lose trust in their manager. A manager must also have interpersonal relationship skills to be able to organize staff and resources to carry out plans to meet the goals of the organization. Employees trust managers more when their manager respects an employee’s personal values, opinions or ideas. A manager is able to lead employees by motivating them at completing the company’s goals or meeting a deadline. Managers should be able to discover each employee’s potentials and inspire them to meet or exceed the company’s vision rewarding them along the way. They should encourage employees and praise them when progress has been made.

Managers are able to control the company’s performance level by developing trust and confidence with its employees to resolve issues and maintain a positive work environment. This would ensure that goals are being met and managers can continue to monitor the progress and motivate employees to completion. This would in turn build trust and a feel of involvement for the employees.

In summary, employees are secure when managers provide the necessary tools and resources in turn customers are happy with the...
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