Managerial Grid Model

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Managerial Grid Model is a Leadership Grid developed by Jane Mouton and Robert Blake in 1950. Popularly known as both Managerial Grid and Leadership Grid, it has two behavioral dimensions; concern for people and concern for production.
Concern for People – It is a degree on which a leader considers the interest and need of his team members. Areas of personal development of the member are also taken into consideration.
Concern for Production – It is a degree on which a leader emphasizes on productivity and organizational efficiency.
It depicts that giving undue importance to one particular area, overlooking the other restrain the productivity. The model displays and proposes strong concern for people and production, which may improve productivity.
This model initially identified 5 different managerial styles. Later 2 more styles were added along with a new element – Resilience

How it works
Managerial Grid Model shows 2 axis; X and Y representing concern for production as X-axis and concern for people as Y-axis. Each axis starts from 0 to 9 depicting low to high. There are certain steps that help you place a manager on the grid and identify which quadrant he falls into.

Step 1: Identify the style of work
Step 2: Look at the areas of improvement
Step 3: Place the leaders on the grid as per their current behavior with work

The different quadrants
Impoverished Leadership: (Falls under low people and low production)
This leader is someone who is ineffective towards his team members and productivity. He can neither strategize work, nor can get work done from his subordinates. As a result, he stands disorganized leading to have a dissatisfying behavior.
Country Club Leadership: (Falls under high people and low production)
This leader has a fun filled work environment where he tries to keep his team member happy and satisfied. Such leaders think, as long as the people are happy they can work hard. This results to low productivity in

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