Managerial Ethics

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Managerial Ethics

Personal Learning Paper

This paper is a summary of my understanding of how ethics has helped base my belief system on a personal level as well as in the workplace as a professional. The learning process is perpetual and the recent class on Managerial ethics has given me new insightson how I can still hold onto my own values while remaining respectful to those whovalue different ethical perspectives.Ethics can be defined as a philosophical study of moral values based on the concept of right and wrong. An ethical perspective could be considered as a person’s individual perception of moral values, beliefs, and rules based on his or her personal view of rightand wrong.

My perspective on Ethics
Ethics are a very important aspect of the success of an individual or a company.There are many decisions within a company that managers must base around thecompany’s ethical standards. Ethics are not only a guideline to employee and employer  behavior, but also the company’s behavior as a whole. Possessing good, strong ethics willhelp a company attract and keep customers. Without ethics, there would be no way for a person to judge right from wrong, which is why it is important to have a good sense of  personal ethics awareness.My ethical perspective is obligation or deontology-one that is centered on a feeling asthough I have an obligation to do what is right. When judging whether or not a person’sactions are ethical or not, I tend to base my decisions on the intent of the person’s actionsand not the actual outcome,In order for a person with the obligation perspective to agree with a person or company’sethics, the ethics set in place should be suitable in every situation, respectful toeveryone’s character, and promoting of every individual’s freedom and independence.With an obligatory perspective, a person believes that everyone deserves respect and theright to make their own decisions.

A few more ethical perspectives encountered in our workplaceVirtue Perspective A person possessing the character or virtue perspective does not believe that everyone iscapable of making their own decisions. This perspective is based on the belief that a person must possess good character in order to make an ethical decision. Those with thevirtue perspective believe that a person’s character is by far, more important than a person’s actions. No matter what a person’s intentions are, someone with the virtue perspective does not believe that they are ethical unless they are constantly striving to bemorally good. Ethical decision making within this perspective is based on thedevelopment of practical wisdom within individuals. The perspective based on virtuedoes not believe that a person’s actions reflect their ethics; however, the utilitarianism perspective believes just the opposite.

Utilitarianism perspective
A person possessing the results or utilitarianism view tends to base their ethical perspective solely on the results of their actions. This perspective believes that their ethical decisions should benefit as many individuals as possible. When debating over whether or not a decision is ethical, those with utilitarianism views must see results. Theyrefuse to believe anything that they hear until it is proven to them. A person with this perspective believes that all people deserve to have a good life; if someone is unhappy,they believe that something should be done in order to correct that. A person with theutilitarianism perspective believes that there is a solution to every ethical dilemma.

Relativism perspective
The equity or relativism perspective is based on the unpredictability of human awareness.The decision of whether an action or decision is ethical is based on the consequences thatthe decision has brought. A person with the relativism perspective does not believe inunity or equality among individuals. They also believe that there is no definite right or wrong in any situation; they believe that with new...
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