Managerial Communications Assignment No 1

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Assignment no 1 –
Managerial Communications

Case study – How do you manage an off-site team?
Submission date – 31st Jan 2015

Group Details –
Vijaya Avatani36439
Vidhi Pande36479
Swati Sathe36436

Case Analysis
In our view, the case throws light on following issues –
1. Conflict between two employees - Allison & Penny [Iceberg] 2. Weak managerial skills of Craig
3. HR role in implementation of flexi time & off site working Allison Scher and Penelope Ryan worked well together when they showed up at the office every day. The problem aroused after implementation of flexi time & off site working by the company. Both of them started working from home & meet each other only during client meetings. Weakness in Craig’s managerial skills –

1. Craig used to guess people & employee relationships with the help of face to face communication, facial expressions & body language. With the new offsite working system, Craig lost these tools & was unable to cope up with the situation. 2. Craig reacted too slowly to the various messages he received, and he should not have relied on E-mail to respond to any of them. 3. Craig’s method of meeting with the person who is most often in the office and thus exchanging information with him/her is poor management. 4. Craig Bedell did not recognize the need for a change in his behaviour. 5. Craig never provided clear guidelines on team hierarchy / roles & responsibilities.

Penny –

1. She has not adjusted smoothly to working off-site.
2. Although her E-mail is working properly now, she must make use of backup communication procedures. 3. She had not conveyed the messages properly with the team members. 4. She comes into the office more often than other team members do, to maintain high visibility for reward and promotion opportunities.

Maggie Pinto –
1. As HR head, Maggie Pinto’s knee-jerk response to Craig’s dilemma was not appreciated. She should not back off from her plan to roll out a companywide...
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