Managerial Approach

Topics: Public administration, Bureaucracy, Max Weber Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: September 15, 2011
The Managerial approach
Origin and Values
The managerial approach was originated from the civil service reform movement which requested the idea of “businesslike manner” in public administration.

The three core values of managerial approach addressed by Woodrow Wilson are the idea of “maximaization” in three aspects — effectiveness, efficiency and economy. With regard to the maximaization of effectiveness, it is talking about what the government can do in successful and proper ways. For the maximaization of efficiency, it is talking about how the government do the proper things in the possible high efficiency. For the maximaization of economy, it is talking about how the government can do proper things with the least possible costs. This idea was enhanced by Frederick Talyor who put the values of efficiency and economy in order to achieve harmony and affluence.

Though there are three main value of the managerial approach, “efficiency” is the most improtant one. Leonard White have pointed out that administration should focus on the affairs rather than the law itself. It implies that administrators can attain “efficiency” by just dealing with the affairs itselves but not wasting the time on the investiion of the law.

The managerial approach was then widely held by Luther Gulick in the 1930s which assert “efficency” as the most improtatnt value of managerial approach.. But how the efficency can be obtained? We can have a look onto the terms suggested by Simmons and Dvorin. In order to achieve the highest efficency, we should maximized the outputs and minimized the inputs.

Organizational Structure
As efficiency is the main value of managerial approach, organizations are suggeted to follow Max Weber’s “ideal-type bureaucracy” which stresses the funtional specialization for “efficiency”.

Hierarchy adopt the effective coordination.
Programs and funtions are clearly divided to organizational units with minimized overlaping. Postions are...
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