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Entrepreneurial behaviour can be seen in various areas like sports, music, solidarity, etc. just to mention a few. But here we have to focus on the business style entrepreneur to enable the comparison with the manager. But what exactly does an entrepreneur and which characteristics he fits. Moreover what exactly makes an entrepreneur successful und which lacks leave him fail. "Entrepreneurship is an extremely topical subject. The concept of entrepreneurship is useful, however, only if it is carefully defined. It is sometimes suggested that entrepreneurship is to be found mainly in high-technology industries or in owner-managed firms," but if we look in history entrepreneurs can be found in every branch. Moreover it would point out that an entrepreneurs is not just another manager, but a business owner. Otherwise it would lack concrete information about the differences between these two kinds of business leaders.But what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. It is clear that successful entrepreneurs are vital for a healthy and competitive economy. If we look around, most of the largest companies have their foundations in one or two individuals who have the determination to turn a vision into reality." (Richard Branson, 1995) Even one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the last century does not have a concrete definition or explanation about entrepreneurship. Therefore we need to evaluate firstly which components influence persons to be entrepreneurs or managers. "Certainly, internationally we can see that many of today′s dominant corporations, have been spawned by individuals with vision and, importantly, the commitment to turn that vision into a reality. What they have in common is that they saw an opportunity, commercialised it, and in the process created wealth and jobs that, hopefully, benefit the rest of the society. Such entrepreneurs are people who have the courage and self-belief to turn their own dreams into realities. Furthermore, they permeate all levels of society and every walk of life."

Who is a manager ?

A manager is a person who manages, conducts, trains,manipulates, directs, deals, supervises, organizes and controls resources, expenditures, an organization, an institution, a team, a household, etc. Various roles and responsibilities of a managerial position are:

Supervising and managing the overall performance of staff in his department. Analyzing, reporting, giving recommendations and developing strategies on how to improve quality and quantity.

Achieve business and organization goals, visions and objectives.

Involved in employee selection, career development, succession planning and periodic training.

Working out compensations and rewards.

Responsible for the growth and increase in the organizations' finances and earnings.

Identifying problems, creating choices and providing alternatives courses of actions.

Various attributes of a good manager are:

Interpersonal relationship skill.
If cooperation is needed from team or employees, managers practice empathy and respect the personal values, opinions and ideas with the people he interact with. He also listen and respond and offer praises and encouragements when they make progress. By doing that they enhances their self esteem build trust. As a boss, their ability to develop trust and confidence, resolve problems and issues will result in a productive, goal oriented work group. They should encourage their team to ask for help, get involved and participate.

Communication skill.

A manager is the middle person in between the top management level and the team that reports to him. He has to ensure that communication is smooth and conveyed clearly to avoid misinterpretations and...

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