Manager Interview

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The interview to be shown herein particularly summarizes the whole conversation between Sean, an IT Operation 's Team Chief in a Call Center Agency and myself. Call Centers are primarily known for assisting clients in facing troubleshooting issues with the client 's computer-operating procedures. Through a phone call from the client, the agents are able to connect themselves with the problem and thus be able to solve the issue though instructional details given over the phone towards the clients. The Call Center agents work twenty-four-seven. The shifting of schedules are reshuffled every now and then for the agents to be able to meet the twenty-four hour operation of the company.

This type of organization certainly needs an enthusiastic set of managers to lead the team achieving the best results of the company, while giving the clients the best service that they ought to receive. I spoke to Sean to be able to look deeper into how he keeps up with the challenges of meeting the different responsibilities in his care, which includes keeping up with business competition and empowering the workers in giving a quality performance for the entire organization.

Sean is among the ten other team chief managers of the IT operations management team. Like the others, he is assigned to a certain pool of agents whom he has to work with everyday. For at least two months, they are given the chance to empower a certain group, then after they are transferred to other groups for the sake of establishing camaraderie among all the workers and inciting better motivational procedures to all the employees. Each pool of agents consists of at least fifteen members each. The organization gives incentive to the agents who are able to reach an eighty percent performance level with the calls that he or she assists each year. It is then the responsibility of the Operational Management 's Team Chief to help the employees reach this particular goal. Through assisting them with the...
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