Management Theory and Practice: Reading Assessment

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Management Theory & Practice
Chapters 1 & 2
Reading Assessment

1) A ________ is an example of a first-line manager.
A) division manager
B) store manager
C) regional manager
D) shift manager

2) ________ have titles such as executive vice president, chief operating officer, and chief executive officer. A) Team leaders
B) Middle managers
C) First-line managers
D) Top managers

3) ________ involves ensuring that work activities are completed efficiently and effectively by the people responsible for doing them. A) Commanding
B) Managing
C) Planning
D) Organizing

4) Whereas ________ is concerned with the means of getting things done, ________ is concerned with the ends, or attainment of organizational goals. A) effectiveness; efficiency
B) efficiency; effectiveness
C) effectiveness; effability
D) efficiency; experience

5) Today, the basic management functions include ________.
A) planning, organizing, commanding, and coordinating
B) planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling
C) planning, organizing, commanding, and controlling
D) planning, organizing, leading, and controlling

6) Establishing strategies for achieving organizational goals is a part of the ________ function. A) leading
B) coordinating
C) planning
D) organizing

7) A manager resolving conflict among organizational members is performing which of the following functions? A) controlling
B) planning
C) organizing
D) leading

8) The process of monitoring, comparing, and correcting is called ________. A) controlling
B) planning
C) leading
D) organizing

9) ________ developed a categorization scheme for defining what managers do, consisting of 10 different but highly interrelated roles. A) Henri Fayol
B) Abraham Maslow
C) Henry Mintzberg
D) Peter Drucker

10) The ________ roles involve collecting, receiving, and disseminating information, according to Mintzberg's managerial roles. A) interpersonal
B) informational
C) technical
D) decisional

11) Robert L. Katz proposed ___???_____.
A) three critical managing skills
B) ten critical managing roles
C) five traditional management functions
D) six traditional management styles

12)Technical skills include ________.
A)2experience gained by experiments that are used in performing managerial tasks B) job specific knowledge needed to proficiently perform work tasks C) the ability to work well with individuals and groups

D) skills managers use to think and to conceptualize about abstract and complex situations

13) Which of the following skills tend to be more important for first-line managers since they manage employees who produce the organization's product? A) human
B) technical
C) conceptual
D) empirical

14) Conceptual skills involve ________.
A) managing employees who use tools to produce the organization's products B) communicating with customers
C) thinking about abstract and complex situations
D) inspiring enthusiasm and trust among employees

15) Increased accountability of employees is typically caused by ________. A) increased digitization
B) increased emphasis on organizational ethics
C) security threats to the organization
D) discrimination concerns

16) From a business perspective, a company's ability to achieve its business goals and increase long-term shareholder value by integrating economic, environmental, and social opportunities into its business strategies is known as ________. A) accountability

B) universality
C) equitability
D) sustainability

17) The universality of management means that ________.
A) all managers in all organizations perform the four management functions B) all managers in all organizations perform the same quantity of managerial functions C) all managers in all organizations perform managerial functions in similar ways D) any manager can work in any organization and perform any management function

18) Which of the following types of managerial positions is most likely to...
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