Management Theories of Mcdonald's

Topics: Management, Hamburger, Henri Fayol Pages: 4 (1207 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Management Theories Implemented by McDonald’s
McDonald’s demonstrates many different aspects of classical management, including aspects of Frederick Taylor’s scientific management and Henri Fayol’s management principles. McDonald’s also displays how their management styles compares to their competition and how it has led to an effective organization. Taylor’s management style is evident through McDonald’s training, specific systems, and education; while Fayol’s management style manifests through McDonald’s division of labor and authority. McDonald’s and other fast food industry restaurant’s validate their effective use of management theory through their exemplary company standings throughout the world.

Frederick Winslow Taylor, known as the father of scientific management, developed a theory for what he believes to be the most effective form of management. Three aspects of this theory include educating your employees, setting a standard for performing each task, and encouraging high production through incentives; all of which are used by McDonald’s today. Taylor believes that the employees need to be trained on how to be the most productive at each given task. At McDonald’s, each entry level employee must go through specific training before entering the work force. In order to advance to the next level of management, the employees must complete a course intended directly for their new level of management. In these courses, the employees learn to use leadership to develop high performance, get individuals and teams to use their full potential, and to improve profits and sales. For employees that are serious about their management education, McDonald’s offers extensive training at their university called Hamburger University. These individuals first attend McDonald’s regional training centers then attend Hamburger University where they lean how to effectively run a business using McDonald’s classical management style. Also, Taylor believes that every...

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