Management Techniques Used in Mcdonalds Stores

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Management Techniques used in McDonalds

Date: 17/12/2010


Pg 1 – Title page

Pg 2 – Contents

Pg 3 – Executive Summary

Pg 4 - 1.0 Terms of Reference

2.0 Procedure
2.1 Primary Research
2.2 Secondary Research

3.0 Findings
3.1 Principles of scientific management

Pg 5 - 3.2 Principles of Taylorisms
3.3 McDonaldization
3.4 Individual Investigation

Pg 6 - 3.5 Motivation
4.0 Conclusion

Pg 7 – 5.0 Recommendations
6.0 Reference List
7.0 Bibliography

Executive Summary

This report was produced to look at the management and motivation methods that are used in McDonald’s fast food restaurants, and was requested by the Senior Executive of McDonalds. The main findings were that there are influences of the theories of F.W.Taylor and George Ritzer and was concluded that upon observation of the activities in McDonalds, there are evident uses of scientific management used in McDonalds restaurants, and that this does have a knock-on effect on the motivation of staff there. The recommendations of this report are that the managers need to engage the staff and try to ‘revamp’ the processes that they have in place, and give them a more direct motivation as to the rewards that they receive. |

1.0 - Terms of Reference

This report is has been requested by the Senior Executive of McDonalds in September 2010, in response to a claim made by Wilson (2010). Wilson suggests that there are close links between the scientific management principles and the strict routines and procedures found in McDonald’s fast food restaurants. This report will look into scientific management principles and to see if they do actually have an effect on the management principles that are used McDonalds fast food restaurants and will briefly look at the motivation methods of McDonald’s employees, and will include observations of these methods. The basic problems found in the observation of staff, was that the observation was limited, and only observed the activities of the ‘front-line’ employees, serving the customer, and was not able to extend this to the ‘beginning’ of the process to where the food is made on the premises. This report has been compiled by an independent researcher, who will consider through observation and research whether Wilson’s suggestion does support the daily routines a customer would find when visiting such fast-food restaurants.

2.0 - Procedure

The following procedures were undertaken in order to analyse the case study organisation. 2.1 – Primary Research: The primary research undertaken was to observe the staff of various McDonalds restaurants, these were observed from September 2010 to December 2010 to try and obtain a more varied view of the procedures staff at McDonalds use. This is found under section 3.4 – Individual Investigation. 2.2 – Secondary Research: The secondary research undertaken was through websites, books and online articles. This research was used for the use of theorists used in the Findings section of the report. |

3.0 – Findings

3.1 Scientific management is a theory that was initially developed by Fredrick Winslow Taylor and this theory was published in 1911. In his publication, ‘The Principles of Scientific Management’, Taylor addresses the “importance of the larger question of increasing our national efficiency’ (Taylor, 1911). His theory sets out to ‘Prove that the best management is a true science, resting upon clearly defined laws, rules and principles as a foundation’ (Taylor, 1911). Taylor believed that workmen would do as little work as possible, and would produce one-third to one-half of their ability, and believed that this was universal, yet he wanted to counter this and increase the productivity of workers. Taylor suggests through his own research that many jobs, including skilled professions can be broken down into smaller tasks, meaning the less need for skilled craftsmen to complete jobs,...

Bibliography: * (9/12/2010)
* (8-11/12/2010)
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