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Quality Management Assessment Summary
Quality management is a devotion of time and resources to enhance the quality of business procedure which in turn reduces the possibility of unforeseen obscurity and troubles. Patients will in turn receive the products or services of the quality they deserve. Quality of production development should lower cost of the final product or services so that the facility can offer their customers better prices. Concepts of Quality management would include: Health care not causing harm, care fitting needs and preferences of patients, care given with no necessary delays, includes only the testing and services your issue needs, there is no discrimination involved, and the care involved is right for your illness.(What is Quality in Health Care, n.d).

In order to attain what Maxim perceives as quality management they create a successful relationship with patients, employees, and referral sources by identifying and serving the needs of others. This is evident in Maxim’s ongoing efforts to assess and refine all management, clinical, and support processes. A relationship with Maxim signifies a partnership with a devoted organization that is committed to making home healthcare more responsive and effective every day. Quality has so many definitions and descriptions that can be used to motivate a team or to define the importance of the goal at hand. Quality assurance, quality management, quality improvement and quality importance are only some of what we use daily to define how important quality is.

The long term goals of Maxim would be that they reach an ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. If they govern their company with quality management they will guarantee themselves customer approval and satisfaction. They do so by conducting self-evaluations which they believe is critical for improvement. Routine review of policies, processes and procedures enables Maxim to continuously...

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