Management Styles

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Management Styles

Management Styles
To be a better supervisor it's important to know the different management styles generally employed, and which one is the best fit for the manager's personality. There are many opinions and much writing on just what the various management or leadership styles there are. In my opinion the following list best categorizes the different styles. The three basic styles are: •Authoritarian or autocratic

•Participative or democratic
•Declarative or Free Reign
But a more complete break down would be:
Leadership by:

Most effective leaders employ a combination of different types of management styles to reach different types of employees. As an example a manager using the coaching style of leadership will act more as a trainer than a boss. That manager will have employees practice tasks and try to motivate them to learn more, unfortunately that type of management can be very time consuming especially if one employee is a slow learner and requires an inordinate amount of the manager's time. Overall a coach type manager can be very effective in the right environment but will suffer from lost productivity in the wrong environment.

A manager that motivates or leads through competition can create a very productive workplace. By inspiring an environment where employees compete with each other for recognition, bonuses or related the manager can squeeze the maximum potential from employees. The problem with this type of leadership is that it is best suited for sales environments, and will be the most effective on type a personalities. Other personality types will find this environment threatening and possibly too stressful for long term employment satisfaction.

A "Data" leader provides information as the method to motivate...

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