Management Skills and Style Assessment

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Man 111 Midterm

1) Bill Sanderson, a manager in a manufacturing firm in New York has a tendency to view the world only through his U.S.-based perspective. What can be deduced about his attitude? A) He has an elitist attitude.

B) He has a polycentric attitude.
C) He has a parochialistic attitude.
D) He has a geocentric attitude.

2) Managers with a(n) ________ attitude view every foreign operation as different and hard to understand. A) geocentric
B) polycentric
C) ethnocentric
D) regiocentric

3) In today's global environment, managers must have a(n) ________ attitude in order to be successful. A) ethnocentric
B) parochial
C) bigoted
D) geocentric

4) Which of the following countries is a member of the European Union? A) Ireland
B) Iceland
C) Norway
D) Switzerland

5) What is the primary reason that the intensifying economic crisis in Europe threatens to impact the decisions of global managers in the United States and throughout the world? A) The massive debt in Greece has caused Europe to slide into a new recession. B) New measures by the European Commission to oversee banks and to monitor national budgets have been met with resistance by euro zone members. C) The euro zone is a larger economic unit than the United States or China and is a major source of world demand for goods and services. D) The inability to trim benefits and free up labor markets prevents the region from spurring any significant growth over the next decade.

6) Which of the following is currently under negotiation by 34 countries in the Western Hemisphere? A) African Union
B) Free Trade Area of the Americas
C) Mercosur
D) African Community

7) The World Trade Organization was formed in the year ________. A) 1995
B) 1967
C) 1971
D) 1983

8) The World Trade Organization has ________ member countries and ________ observer governments. A) 176; 50
B) 188; 60
C) 155; 29
D) 161; 40

9) The International Monetary Fund is an organization of ________ countries that promotes international monetary cooperation and provides member countries with policy advice, temporary loans, and technical assistance to establish and maintain financial stability and to strengthen economies. A) 193

B) 172
C) 160
D) 188

10) The ________ is a group of five closely associated institutions, all owned by its member countries, that provides vital financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. A) International Chamber of Commerce

B) World Bank Group
C) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
D) World Economic Forum

11) A global company reflects the ________.
A) regiocentric attitude
B) ethnocentric attitude
C) geocentric attitude
D) polycentric attitude

12) An organization drops its organizational structure based on countries and reorganizes into industry groups. This is an example of the company becoming a(n) ________. A) ethnocentric company
B) polycentric organization
C) borderless organization
D) global company

13) Adam has been hired by an organization that has a partnership with a foreign company. Both the partners share resources and knowledge while developing new products. Adam's organization has formed a ________. A) licensing company

B) franchising company
C) strategic alliance
D) foreign subsidiary

14) The Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness program identified ________ dimensions on which national cultures differ. A) five
B) seven
C) nine
D) eleven

15) Establishing strategies for achieving organizational goals is a part of the ________ function. A) leading
B) coordinating
C) planning
D) organizing

16) Organizing includes ________.
A) setting organizational goals
B) hiring organizational members
C) motivating organizational members
D) determining who does what tasks

17) Motivating subordinates is primarily associated with the management function of ________. A) planning
B) organizing
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