Management Roles

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Week 1 Individual Assignment: Management Roles
According to Robbins and Judge (2011), Managers get things done through other people. As simplistic as that may sound, this singular function encompasses various functions that require an individual to utilize multiple skills and act in numerous roles. Henri Fayol breaks the managerial function down into 4 major categories; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. As a manager steps into each of these functions, he/she must take on one of the 2 role categories that are defined by Henry Mintzberg. The interpersonal role which encompasses functions such as being the symbolic face of the organization, maintaining ties with people outside of the organization to gather information and forming a vision for the organization that motivates the employees. The informational role which includes activities wherein the individual monitors information, digests it and disseminates it within and without the organization. And finally the decisional role wherein the individual makes decision regarding the resource allocation, long-term planning organization and dispute resolution. In this paper I will examine 2 distinct organizations, one with less than 50 employees and the other with more than 500 employees. I will analyze the hierarchical organization of each and discuss whether the hierarchy allows for the managers to fulfill their roles successfully. Finally I will examine the IT function of each of these.

I will be analyzing Special Occasions DJ & Lighting as my smaller organization. I have chosen this company since I know the owners personally and hence have knowledge of their hierarchical organization. Special Occasions DJ & Lighting is an event management company located in Brea which specializes in “weddings, corporate events & exclusive themed club events” ("Special Occasions Dj & Lighting", n.d). The company has been in business for 5 years and in this time has grown from just offering to DJ services to now...

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