Management Roles

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A successful organization has a structural setup to achieve one common goal. Various departments work in sync to achieve that. Managers are appointed to lead their department and play their various roles. Henry Mintzberg has published a framework of ten major roles a manager has. There are divided into three main categories. Having an understanding of the framework of these roles and practicing them would enable a manager to succeed. The interpersonal skill of the manager as a figurehead and leader are the most important. Employees look up to the manager to be a guide and direct the team upstream. As the leader of Continental, Mr. Bethune made changes to alter the culture and the environment of Continental. Cultural change is one of the hardest changes to bring upon a company and he accomplished this by being a great figurehead for his subordinates. Having a strong devoted figurehead cleared many obstacles for the employees, which resulted in achieving the set goals and move the company forward. A manager has to be a liaison between reporting staff and the upper management as well. This role for a manger is crucial and requires two-way communication. Mr. Joseph Bajzath, manager of Flight Operations Engineering at Air Canada, was a great example for being the liaison. Due to his ability, upper management recognized the great efforts on fuel savings his staff had worked on, resulting an increase in funding. By being a figurehead, leader, and liaison, a manager can alter and lead their company through rough times to obtain high profitability. Managers have to seldom monitor their staff and team members. By monitoring it ensures the effectiveness of the work being completed. Monitoring allows procedures to be inspected, verified, and altered for continuous improvements. Over-monitoring staff can backfire and is referred to as micromanaging. It is preferable to engage and empower the workers instead of micromanaging them. Another advantage of monitoring is the manager...

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