Management Requirements for Different Types of Events

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Types of Event Requiring Management


There are many different types of events for an event manager to organise! In this unit I will be talking about some of the most popular types of events including a birthday party and an outdoor festival! I will explain the necessary processes, goods and services that might be required for the specific event.

Birthday Party Planning

As an event manager you could be asked to plan someone’s 1st birthday to any range of adults birthday parties – all birthday parties can be very different due to the age, range, theme and style required by the client!

Consultation Process

Just like any event, start at the beginning with the consultation process of planning a birthday party with the client is crucial to ensure that they receive the event they expect. If the event manager is planning a child’s party consultation will usually be with the parent or guardian but the older the child gets the more likely they are to get involved in this process. If offering a birthday party event management service, the event manager may want to consider applying for a DBS formerly known as CRB (Criminal Records Bureaux) check, as it would serve as reassurance for the parents and also enhance the event manager’s status.

It is necessary that when consulting with birthday party clients it is important to determine the size of the party and the approximate age range of the guests. If the age range for a children’s party were wide then it would affect what type of entertainment is needed and where it is to be held.

The event manager will need to establish whether there are any special requirements for any of the guests attending during the consultation process as this could affect what kind of venues are suitable. Some listed buildings may offer a discount if they do not have disabled access but there are disabled guests.


Venues for birthday parties vary depending on the age of the guests and the number of...
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