Management Practices Followed by “Pubali Bank Limited”

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To complete our term paper, first of all our group is very grateful to Almighty Allah for the hard work, dedication, group effort and patience we put to finish our report work on time. The group would like to thank the official website of ‘Pubali Bank’ from where we took the information, some of our relatives, friends and the respected officials of the bank who had helped us a lot by providing necessary information to complete the report successfully. Information on their site helped and supported us a lot and without it we could not complete the term paper properly. We also like to thank our group members as all of them devoted their full support and cooperation and gave valuable time to the term paper work. Finally we are very grateful to our course instructor “Lt. Col Md. Mahmud Hassan” who inspired and suggested us to do the report and helped us in every possible way.

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1. Origin of the Report
1.2. Objectives of the report
1.3. Methodology of the report
1.4. Limitations of the report
1.5. Brief description about the company
Chapter 2: Planning
2.1 Strategic Planning
2.1.1 Become Market Leader
2.1.2 Provide Best Customer Care
2.1.3 Market Expansion
2.1.4 Going Global
2.1.5 Customer Acquisition
2.1.6 Loan Pricing
2.2 Operational Planning
2.3 Contingency Planning
2.4 Vision
2.5 Mission
Chapter:3 Organizing
3.1 Departmentalization
3.1.1 Functional Departmentalization
3.1.2. Geographic Departmentalization
3.2 Optimum use of resources
3.3 Delegating work assignment:
3.4 Programmed Decision
3.5 Non Programmed Decision

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Chapter 4: Controlling
4.1 Controlling system of Pubali Bank Limited
4.2 Operations and Quality Control
Chapter 5: Leading
5.1 Motivating employees
5.2 Leadership Practices
Fig.1 Major Content of Organizations
Fig.2 Planning in the Hierarchy of Organizations
Fig.3. Controlling system

Executive Summary

Since the inception, Pubali Bank Ltd has undertaken various steps in preserving and promoting the interests of its customers, employees, shareholders while serving the greater purpose of sustainable development. Pubali Bank now is in the 4th position in terms of profit and fund management. Pubali Bank’s management system is very plain and not complicated. It includes the four major ones –Planning, organizing, controlling and leading. In planning Pubali Bank makes strategic, tactical, operational and contingency plan. Organization of Pubali Bank is consist of Departmentalization, Formalization, Centralization, Specialization and optimum use of resources. Pubali Bank controls the company by the following aspects- Customer Satisfaction, Quality of Service Interest Rate, Service Charge. To run business Pubali Bank basically uses Autocratic leadership style. Pubali Bank also provides better service to customers at a very minimum price. They use the best technology and skilled human resource to provide customer quality services and always tries to balance between interest rate on FDR and Loan.

Fig.1 Major Content of Organizations


1.1 Origin of the Report
As part of the term paper of Evening Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) course requirement, we selected Pubali Bank Limited for accomplishing our report. The topic for the term paper is “Management practices followed by Pubali Bank Limited.

1.2 Objectives of the report
To achieve deep knowledge about the organization.
To fulfill the partial requirement of our course of Introduction to Business & Management. To evaluate the management activities of Pubali Bank Ltd.
To analyze the existing structure, Strategy and planning mechanism, decision-making...
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