Management Policies and Practices of Desh Garments

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1.1 Background of the report
This report has been prepared as a need of the course “Human Resource Management”. To prepare this report we selected DESH Garments. To study on this organization we came to know various kind of management policies and practices which are used here for preparing this report, we have followed the guidelines provided by the teacher.

1.2 Policies and practices of Management:
Every organization has a specific policy of management Desh Garments is one of the famous garments in our country. Although it is a famous organization there have some lacings in management practices and policies. Their HRM Departments are not aware about health and safety of their employees.

Manager must give important about their employees. Employee is the main factor of every organization. Besides, Manager must maintain management policies of every parts of the organization. In Desh garments Managers are not so aware of management policies and practices. We try to prepare this term paper according to our course instructor who gave us such type of opportunity to know about this organization.

1.3 Scope and objectives of the study;
* Broad Objective :
Management policies and practices of Desh Garments
To find out the
To find out Management policies and practices of Desh Garments Specific Objective:
To identify the employee relation process of Desh Garments •To identify unity of command of Desh Garments.
To identify authority and responsibility of Desh Garments. •To identify scalar chain of Desh Garments.
To identify compensation process of Desh Garments.

1.4 Methodology of the study.
To prepare any report necessary date and information is needed. Without specific data and information. It is impossible to prepare any report. To prepare this report, we try to collect data form this organization. Desh garment is very long distance from our university. More over, It is also expensive for us to go this organization. In this reason, we get information from secondary sources. Methodology of the study ins divided into two parts sources of data collected and date presentation. Here the secondary sources are :

The secondary sources are
Collected data from different published materials
From internet.
Reference Books.
1.5 Limitation of the study
* Due to vacation, time limitation and other factors could not be discussed in this term paper. * Financial facilities and some other facilities are not available. * To know about every factor of this organization, we were dependent on internet. * In this reason. It is difficult to know the details information about this organization. * Lack of sufficient books and papers we can not prepare the report as we want.

2.1 Company overview
Desh Garments limited (Co abolished 27th December 1977) was the first expert oriented ready made garments industry in Bangladesh. It was a set up in joint venture with Daewou of south Korea. Desh Garments ltd. was a twice recipient of the presidents National award and grand prink for commercial quality 1988 in Europe, for highest export earnings for two consecutive years with annual exports of 5 million pieces. Production capacity 1.5 million pieces per year. 1840 employees are working in this organization. The factory is located in 53/A, kalurghat Heavy Industry area, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

2.2. Mission and vision :
The mission statement of Desh Garments Desh in interested in future devolving long standing relationship with new clients. In the near future we plan to adept international standards of quality and consciousness such as ISO 9000 (quality management system) SA 8000 (social accountability 8000) and ensure compliance to the ILO code of conduct and human rights in its plants.

2.3 Department of Desh Garments
(i) Marketing Division
(ii) Finance/Accounts Division
(iii) Administration
(iv) Human Resources Division


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