Management Planning Paper

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Management Planning Paper

University of Phoenix
MGT 230
Prof. Gabriel Medina Medina
January 2, 2014

Management Planning Paper
In this paper I will evaluate Boeing’s Corporation planning function of management. I will also analyze the influence that legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility have had on Boeing’s Corporation management planning. This paper will also contain an analysis of at least three factors influencing Boeing’s Corporation strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning.

The planning function is a six step process. These six steps are: 1. Situational Analysis
2. Alternative Goals and Plans
3. Goal and Plan Evaluation
4. Goal and Plan Selection
5. Implementation
6. Monitor and Control
The Situational Analysis focuses on internal and external factors that identify issues or problems. This help planners forecast future trends which allows them to take better decisions. The next three steps are much related to each other. Based on the Situational Planning alternative goals are set. Together with these goals alternative plans are proposed to achieve them in the future. In order to be effective these goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. These plans and goals are later evaluated by managers by their advantages and disadvantages. After prioritizing all alternative goals managers begin the selection process starting with the most appropriate and feasible ones. Once the selection process has ended the implementation process begins. During this step of the process managers inform their employees about details of the plan and the goals to be achieved. Once the plan is put into action managers must continually monitor the progress of it. This allows managers to establish control systems and take corrective actions when needed. Many influences can affect management planning at a company or corporation. Among these influences are legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. The first influence to be analyzed is the legal issue. This involves obeying any local, state, federal laws and international laws and how they affect business. Legal issues range from a wide number of things like taxes, filling forms, employee rights and more. These issues are addressed by the general council of the corporation. Ethics for example shows us the moral culture and standards of a company. These moral culture and standards reflect the principles and values of the top management level of the company or corporation. Loyalty, integrity, and respect are among the most important values we can find in a corporate moral culture. To establish these values in a corporation and create a moral culture corporations have a code of ethics. This code of ethics serves as guidelines when moral issues or conduct problems arise in the corporation. Boeing is strange to these guidelines. The corporation has established a code of ethics which is used to communicate the corporation’s values and standards on ethical and moral issues to its employees. This code of ethics not only informs Boeing’s employees about the corporation’s conduct policies, it also informs them of the procedures in the case of a moral issue. This code of ethics helps the company to create awareness among employees of which conduct is to be expected and also assist them in obtaining guidance or help in the case of a fault to the standards and policies of the guidelines establish by the company.

Another influence to be analyzed is corporate social responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility is the obligation towards society of a corporation and it reflects a corporation’s social duties and its results of business success. All the corporation’s policies and practices will reflect the responsibility towards helping society. As an example, Boeing Corporation has developed a program named Global Corporate Citizenship. This program consists of three...

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